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Small Starts @ Work is an interactive wellness toolkit full of tips, ideas, and actions to help employees get healthier and help your business get recognized as a Healthier Tennessee Workplace.

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Small Starts @ Work makes it easy to become a healthier place to work, track your progress toward your goals, and earn recognition as an organization that cares about Tennessee's health. And it doesn't cost a thing -- just your commitment to making this a healthier state. Learn more about membership

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    Check out our big list of Small Starts @ Work: easy, low-cost ways to inspire, encourage, and support healthy choices in the workplace.

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    Find free resources, new ideas, and custom support materials to help engage your team in a workplace wellness program they'll take ownership in.

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A Healthier Tennessee Workplace is Good for Business

Your employees are your greatest investment—and their health and wellness is essential to your company's success. Small Starts @ Work helps you give—and get—the benefits of a healthier workplace.

  • Recruit and
    Retain Employees

    Build your reputation as a great place to work, in the eyes of your employees and your company's future leaders and innovators.

  • Reduce
    Healthcare Costs

    Healthy employees have fewer insurance claims and medical costs. So over time, healthier employees cost less to cover, which is good for your company's health, too.

  • Reduce

    Encourage your employees to take care of themselves and they'll be less likely to get sick or injured, and less likely to miss work due to illness.

  • Increase

    Reduced stress, increased energy, and a sense of camaraderie and loyalty are more than benefits to your workers—they're key ingredients to a more productive workforce.

A Healthier Tennessee Workplace is Good for People

Even the healthiest employee deals with health risks caused by habit, history, or heredity. Small Starts @ Work helps your workforce live healthier, feel better, and reduce the risk of serious health issues down the road.

  • Reach Health Goals

    From weight loss to quitting smoking, Small Starts @ Work helps encourage your employees to take charge of their health.

  • Improved Quality of Life

    Healthier habits mean more energy, reduced stress, and feeling better in general, at work and at home.

  • Pumped-Up Morale

    When your staff gets healthier together, they help build a work culture where people support each other and hold each other accountable—celebrating each other's successes, personally and professionally.

  • Health and wellness is an essential part of the Radio Systems culture. We have developed our wellness program, "Built to Last", over time and there's no doubt it has been a great investment for our company.
  • We've found that you don't have to spend a lot of money to drive healthy behavior changes. Our CEO is a strong supporter and our wellness team regularly creates fun group challenges that encourage many of our employees to participate.
  • Fitness initiatives in the workplace provide many benefits to our organization including stress relief during tax season, accountability, and building team morale.

Hear from Tennesseans who have foundsuccess in wellness

  • Employee Perspectives

    Employees are happier and more satisfied when they are enabled and encouraged to make healthier choices at work.

  • Creating a Culture of Wellness

    Workplace wellness creates value because it helps an organization's most treasured asset – its people – live and work better.

We're in a health crisis, ranked among the unhealthiest states in the nation. And we believe we can do better—much better. We know that healthy habits can be as contagious as unhealthy ones, and for every company and every community that gets healthier together, we're moving closer to better health for all of us.

Healthier Economy

States with a good health reputation attract new businesses, spur investment, and ultimately inspire all residents to make their state the best it can be.

Reduced Healthcare Costs

As our healthcare system continues to evolve, one thing will always be true: being healthier together saves money on healthcare for all of us.

Official Healthier Tennessee Workplaces

Workplaces all across the state have already made Small Starts @ Work a part of their culture. Whether small or large, each organization is helping Tennessee get to a healthier state. See the hundreds of businesses already recognized as Healthier Tennessee Workplaces and join them by signing up your workplace today.


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