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Choose the specific Small Starts your congregation wants to adopt, and get started.

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Track your progress so you can see how much your congregation has accomplished. It also helps you stay motivated.

Share your health story and help Tennessee get to a healthier state. #ImHealthierTN

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Small Starts for Worship

Strengthen them in body as well as in spirit

How it works

How A Healthier Congregation Supports Your Mission

Guiding members to better health can help you create a stronger, more involved congregation.

Why It Matters

More active members

Better health increases their ability to participate in services and programs.

Increased fellowship

When members are healthier, they’re likely to attend services more often.

Improved quality of life

Getting healthier enhances every aspect of members’ lives, including their spiritual life.

We give you the tools, you lead the way.

Creating healthier habits can feel overwhelming, but this program focuses on simple steps—called Small Starts®—that make it so easy. They’re small actions that can become healthy habits for life.

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An app that builds
healthy habits, one
day at a time.

Small Starts for Worship

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