Share your health story and help Tennessee get to a healthier state. #ImHealthierTN

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Small Starts & Big Rewards For Our Members.

When you join the Healthier Tennessee Movement, you'll get instant access to our entire Small Starts @ Work interactive toolkit, plus extra resources to help you implement, promote, and maintain healthy changes in your company.

Before you begin, take a look at our Quick Start Guide for ideas on who to involve first, how to encourage participation, and best practices for making your workplace healthier.


Get Ready

Look through our bank of Small Starts: easy, low-cost ways to begin making your workplace healthier right now. Be sure to check out our Quick Start Guide for best practices on how to launch a successful program.

Check off the Small Starts you're already doing to get instant credit toward becoming a Healthier Tennessee Workplace.

As you go, build your list of the Small Starts you think will work best for your company and your fellow employees. These are your Small Starts @ Work—your roadmap to becoming a Healthier Tennessee Workplace.


Get Started

As you put each new Small Start into practice in your workplace, mark “start now” from the Small Starts page to track your progress.

Share your Small Starts with employees via email, flyers, and social media channels to engage and energize your group.


Get Recognized

Once your Small Start is put into practice, hit the "mark as a habit" button and move one step closer to your Healthier Tennessee Workplace recognition. When you've met the requirements (4 new healthy habits in the eating category, 4 in the exercise category, and 2 in the tobacco category), submit your completed Small Starts @ Work list.

Next, make a commitment to encourage and enable employees to monitor their own health through regular health check-ups, and reward and recognize employees for participating in health and wellness activities. Finally, have a representative from senior leadership in your organization sign off on the pledge to continue your efforts. You are now on your way to being recognized as a Healthier Tennessee Workplace!