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Healthier Tennessee is a movement

of people from all walks of life all across this great state banding together to improve our health.

Running show and weight

Move More

To reduce stress, maintain a healthy weight, and feel better.

Plate, spoon and fork

Eat Smarter

To increase your energy and take control of your weight.

Broken cigarette

Cut out Tobacco

To reduce the risk of disease and save money.

About Healthier Tennessee

The Governor’s Foundation for Health and Wellness began in 2013, when Governor Bill Haslam announced its creation and the launch of Healthier Tennessee®. The work was implemented in three phases, starting with creating greater awareness of our health issues and encouraging people to get involved in improving health outcomes. In subsequent years, it involved a second phase of developing and deploying free tools and programs in schools, workplaces, and faith communities to enable citizens to lead healthier lives. In the final phase, the work was centered on the Healthier Tennessee Communities program.

Volunteer committees were established in counties, towns, on college campuses, and in urban and suburban neighborhoods, and hundreds of people have created and carried out plans, organized and held events, generated publicity and participation, and achieved measurable progress. Dozens of places have earned the official designation as Healthier Tennessee Communities, and better health and more action to improve the quality of our lives have been the result. The program is now in the hands of citizen volunteers in locations across the state.